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Natural Home Solutions
Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Western Sydney, NSW, Australia 




65,000-120,000 per year

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Full time, Contractor



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Discover 6 Reasons to Enjoy Your Life & Work as a Carpenter…
You're looking for a new job for one major reason, you're unhappy with the company you are (still) working for.
So here's why you will enjoy working with our company...
* You will be respected at all times, and not be the recipient of anger, or criticism from management
* You will be asked questions, for your feedback, and as a form of education
* You can share your experiences, challenges and ideas and feel appreciated in our weekly team meetings
* You’ll learn and be in control of our systems, without intense supervision
* You’ll be treated how we want you to treat and talk to our customers
* Your role is important and significant as we’re a small, but fast growing company

Your attitude is more important than decades of experience with every qualification under the sun. We believe a great attitude makes you teachable to our team work way of operating in business.
If you feel this is the position for you, we'd like to talk to you. Yes talk, not read a resume. Talking by phone is how we can best gauge your attitude, not by words in writing.
Call now to talk with our director on 0403 527 500  (your resume is not required at this stage).

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