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Service Delivery Manager (Taree NSW Location)


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TAREE, NSW, Australia 



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This is a mid-level management position with significant responsibility for ICT Service Delivery. The role includes, but is not limited to, the functions listed below. It is anticipated that the role will change over time, and therefore a degree of flexibility and adaptability will be required.

Develop and maintain a customer service focus for the onsite IT Team

  • Maintain an emphasis on the priority of outcomes across the whole support team
  • Negotiate with different stakeholders to obtain outcomes that are consultative and effective for the customers
  • Ensure that internal clients’ needs and requirements are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner
  • Liaise with internal clients to define and analyse their requirements and provide efficient solutions in consultation with all parties
  • Maintain an effective, efficient, friendly and service-orientated Helpdesk
  • Ensure agreed service standards are understood and met by all support team members

Provide technical support for jobs escalated by other IT Staff as directed by the IT Director or delegates

  • Pick up and action escalated tickets from the Helpdesk System
  • Be available to respond to jobs escalated by onsite IT Staff
  • Ensure all jobs are closed following completion
  • Make sure requesters are regularly informed of progress of support task and customer feedback is sought before ticket is closed
  • Ensure accurate time information for all jobs are personally undertaken into the Helpdesk system and accurate job status information are maintained at all time
  • Encourage and reinforce requester behavior consistent with the internal policies
  • Develop knowledge base articles for Level 1 and Level 2 staff

Keep current with the technologies employed by the customers

  • Suggest new technologies as appropriate that may benefit the customers
  • Meet training objectives as agreed with Technical Director
  • Undertake formal and informal training to improve skill set in hardware/software

Supervise Level 1/2 ICT Support Staff

  • Train ICT staff at point of need
  • Attend and instigate meetings as required
  • Mentor and oversee the personal and professional development of ICT staff members under your supervision
  • Assist Technical Director in the supervision and training of the IT staff members
  • Manage staff to meet agreed performance expectations
  • Manage rostering of ICT Support Staff
  • Coordinate scheduling of ICT support staff and activities

Oversee the ICT Support Helpdesk

  • Develop quantitative and qualitative measures for measuring Helpdesk service in conjunction with Technical Director, staff liaisons and ICT support staff
  • Develop a roster for centralised ICT support phone in conjunction with Technical Director, school staff liaisons, and ICT support staff
  • Configure Helpdesk reporting as required in conjunction with all stakeholders
  • Review Helpdesk reports and discuss with stakeholders verbally in appropriate contexts
  • Review the status of Helpdesk tickets on a regular basis making comments, and changes in a process agreed with the Technical Director

Communicate regarding IT systems and services with all staff

  • Provide regular, detailed and comprehensive feedback to designated staff regarding status of projects and services
  • Maintain a communication channel between the internal stakeholders and the ICT Support Team
  • Communicate verbally with all staff members in formal and informal contexts as required
  • Prepare formal and informal written communication as required
  • Provide training to groups and individuals as required
  • Proactively communicate service disruptions to necessary staff

ICT Direction, Policy and Procedure

  • Develop and design technical procedures that will enable all staff members to operate efficiently and effectively
  • Prepare, maintain and update systems documentation, project documentation, client information and operation policies and procedures related to the customer’s IT Infrastructure
  • Ensure that a comprehensive asset register of both software and hardware for key network infrastructure including switches, routers, wireless, servers, network appliances and server applications is maintained at all time
  • Ensure that agreed change management processes are followed by all ICT Support Staff

Assist the NetStrategy Technical Services Team to proactively plan and deliver projects to meet the customer’s IT needs as required

  • Work with Technical Director and ICT support staff to schedule and plan implementation of agreed projects
  • Work with Technical Director and ICT support staff on technical implementation of projects as required
  • Document and communicate the status of scheduled and active projects to all stakeholders
  • Oversee the effective and timely deployment of projects
  • Provide proposals for projects to develop and advance ICT systems
  • Produce and present proposals for all key parties

Create and maintain documentation related to ICT systems and processes

  • Maintain a comprehensive asset register of both software and hardware assets for the customers
  • Audit ICT assets as required
  • Create formal and informal documentation as required
  • Maintain accuracy of documentation to reflect system, process and policy changes
  • Ensure compliance with licensing and software / copyright regulations
  • Create effective written documentation for both end users and team members

Job Requirements:

Qualifications / Skills Required:

  • Tertiary qualifications in Information Technology or equivalent
  • Experience in supporting Windows-based operating systems
  • Experience in supporting local area networks (LANs)
  • Experience with ticket driven helpdesk systems
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills: capable of negotiating requirements with customers and managing staff to achieve these outcomes
  • Excellent documentation skills
  • Strong skills in project planning and management
  • Independent problem-solving, self-directed but able to work well in a team
  • A broad base of knowledge and competency in core hardware and operating system technologies including installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance and basic networking
  • Ability to escalate unresolved problems and requirements
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure with minimum supervision

This role involves occasional after hours and evening duties (both remotely and onsite) for events such as meetings, systems upgrades, unresolved critical issues, and system failures.

We enjoy the trust and confidence of our clients and as such we are seeking a motivated, confident individual with a high degree of personal integrity.


Applications open to those with full Australian Work Rights. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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