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Wildpath Church
Frankton, VIC, Australia

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Church on Sunday is great, we love it!! Many Australians have been asking if the “church” is still relevant. Wildpath church, right in the heart of Frankston is out to see if we can, together with you, answer this question by putting the focus back on your journey with God Sunday to Sunday, especially if you're getting to know God for the first time.

Wherever you are right now, when you walk into Wildpath we welcome you and celebrate who you are; if you are messed up, drugged up, full of life or downright depressed you are welcome at Wildpath. 

We start with an idea which we find in the bible in John 17. Jesus has a big long chat with His dad in heaven and asks for a lot of things on your behalf, but one stands out. He asks God to keep us in the world, but not of it. Dave has spent 2 years exploring what this means and has come out the other side with a freedom that can only be found in Jesus… if you want to experience the same thing, then we hope to see you at Wildpath soon!!

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